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Post  BuckS on Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:32 pm

Now that you've been accepted. You are either ranked as a Recruit or in Trainee. As a trainee you will wear the [CCt] tag, you still need more training before being a full member, meaning your skills are ok, you just need more practice and ingame/forum activity, you will be notified if you are now a full member. For recruits, you will wear the [CCr] tag, meaning your skills are decent enough, a little more practice will improve this, after successfully being able to improve yourself, you will be notified to wear the [CCt] (Trainee) or [CC] (Full Member) tag depending on your improvement/skills. Your mentor will notify you whether you pass.

Tags in Ascending Order:

[CCr] - Recruit
[CCt] - Trainee
[CC] - Full Member

It can be worn in anyway.

Note : Wearing/Using the tag when not yet accepted and/or not yet promoted is prohibited. Doing against so may result in a kick, ban from the forums, and demotion.

Note : Your progress notification will either be posted in your application or be PMed to you.

Remember : Wear the tag with PRIDE!


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